I recently had an accident that fractured several bones.  After many months of limited activity, I was prescribed physical therapy treatment.  I went for an evaluation at a clinic near my home.  The evaluation was in private and the physical therapist (PT) indicated that he was knowledgeable on how to help my recovery.  The privacy and individual care ended there.  My sessions took place in a large gym with 8-12 people including the receptionist.  My PT scheduled 3-5 patients for his “supervision” at one time.  Several times I told him what I was able to do at home, hoping to customize my exercise to my goals. He nodded and smiled, but not one change was made. After I asked several times, his response was “do you have a co-pay?” Apparently, if there was no cost to me, I was going to get minimum care. At each session I was told 2-3 exercises at a time to complete independently.  Many times I could not recall what they were.  The PT or the assistant would roll their eyes and reluctantly review the motions with me. After 10 sessions his company required I fill out a questionnaire containing approximately 50 questions. The questions included very personal information regarding my physical abilities, pain and emotional state. The PT never made mention of this survey again. I wish I hadn’t given my personal information.  My assigned exercises, repetition, weight/resistance, and exercise times were exactly the same as patients with arm, back, hip and knee injuries. The age of the patient did not matter either.  Ages 35-90 years old did the same routine. Each session ended with an assistant attaching adhesive patches to my injury for electronic stimulation.  Each time the assistant did not ask to move my clothing to place the electrodes.  I was out in the open laying on a table among all the other patients. When I asked to be placed in a private location, the assistant looked confused and stated, “This IS your assigned table.” I did not know what to do.  I felt like I was doing something wrong to get this treatment.  I skipped many sessions because of this.  I ended my treatment early because they made me feel like I was invisible and was too ignorant to understand how therapy works.