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WomanSafeHealth Pledge

WomanSafeHealth: The Antidote to Status Quo Care will be available electronically in 2017 in the following formats: ePUB, Kindle, Fixed layout and ePDF.

Donate A Book To A Shelter

To kick off and celebrate a new model of health care centered on safety, empowerment and recovery, we are asking others to join with us to increase accessibility of this book to shelters around the world.

Please join Elizabeth Shadigian, MD and her book and clinical team to
donate a paperback copy and electronic copy of the book to every women and children’s, queer and trans shelter. For every 35$ (USD) donation you may choose a specific shelter to send a book to. Additionally, we will also donate a complimentary ebook to that shelter and charge no administrative fees. Any donation amount is appreciated, however small or large.

Our goal is to donate 100 books by October 1, 2016 and 500 books by the end of 2016.

Book Description

Drawing on the actual experiences of women, WomanSafeHealth: The Antidote to Status Quo Health Care uses cartoons and humor together with analysis and compassion to reveal what it means to meet a woman’s health care needs. Status Quo Health Care is a term coined at WomanSafeHealth to describe the poisoned care most women experience – hurried, depersonalized, cold, disrespectful, profit-driven – care that neglects her individual story and choices.

At WomanSafeHealth each woman is a person, not a disease; a client, not a number. She is the focus, and her health care team is her consultant. Prescribing self-awareness, care analysis and personal empowerment as antidotes to Status Quo Health Care, Elizabeth affirms what every woman already knows: safety and respect must be the core of health care.

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  • All digital products purchased through WomanSafeHealth HerStory are non-refundable.
  • Physical copies can be returned within 14 days of original purchase in the same condition in which the book was received.
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